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Simple Tips To Declutter

Simple Tips to Declutter

We know that not all tasks may need our services, so we took a more straightforward approach to help you create a decluttered space. This guarantees to provide you with a feeling of freshness and calmness. Decluttering is not just about clearing your home of clutter; it can also positively impact your mental health. A tidy home is a comfy home. 

  1. Start Small

Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming to start. That’s why you should start with a small place. It will motivate you to continue and provide a lovely image and feeling of what a decluttered area can do for you. Create a plan with specific times of the day that you can dedicate to your new declutter project.

  1. Select the Space

It’s essential to focus on one thing at a time. Select the cabinet, the top of your desk, your makeup bag, your car, or your bed; just try to think about that space where you spend most of your time. Focus on one area, and remember, if you are new at this, you cannot start with the closet or the garage; you will only feel overwhelmed and stressed. And you don’t want later to spend weeks just procrastinating to finish the decluttering. Nope. You want to start something and finish it. That’s how we need to start. Remember that being tidy is a marathon, not a sprint. You will get there.

  1. Grab a Trash Bag

Start walking around your house as if you were a guest with a trash bag and clear off flat surfaces. Anything rarely used should be thrown away. Sometimes, when the place is messy for a long time causes our eyes to ignore the clutter, and some details stop capturing our attention. So, try to observe every object very carefully in the surrounding area.

Pro Tip: Ignore that little voice in your head saying to keep things just in case. That is just an excuse for not letting go.

  1. Useful or Beautiful?

You can ask yourself the words from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Thinking about that is a helpful tool to avoid hoarding. Once you finish decluttering your space, you can begin to organize. It is not the same to manage a lot of junk as just putting the pretty things where they belong.

  1. Make your Bed

It is the most straightforward way to make your bedroom look put together. You will feel accomplished and inspired to continue completing tidy tasks. It may be your bedroom or any other space you may select. If you want to continue tidying up your bedroom, your nightstand is an excellent place to do so.

  1. Refresh your Nightstand

Clear it completely, clean it, grab the trash bag and start with the “useful or beautiful?” process. It is better also to only have your essentials in the nightstand drawer. This may be the stuff you like regular access to before going to sleep. 

Pro Tip: Pick pretty and minimalistic objects to style it up. That will help you discourage the dreaded clutter piles from forming.

  1. Do the Dishes

Doing the washing-up does the same in your kitchen as making the bed in your bedroom. It helps to put it together. And also is hygienic, which is an essential aspect of having a tidy space. Try to do it every day, and then you can start organizing one kitchen drawer at a time. While in the kitchen, you can also put away everything that is not kitchen related, this with the same purpose of having neat surfaces.

  1. Desk Space Clear

Declutter your work or study space; this will help you work efficiently and better access your tools when needed. It will also contribute to your safety and focus. Try to throw away any paper, cables, CDs, or stuff you haven’t used in a while. 

Be realistic

We all want a beautiful, tidy house, but we don’t know it is a lifestyle. Don’t think it is one and done. With these simple steps, you can start immersing yourself in this world. Remember that you may have a bad experience trying to do it all at once. 

Regarding all the stuff you have now collected, do not just throw them away, consider recycling , and donating the things that are still usable and of good quality. Continue reading our blog to learn more tips from professionals. 

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