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R.I. Junk Removal Services & Prices

Get to know the junk removal price in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
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Size Volume Estimated Price Range
Minimum Load Up to 30 cubic ft $85 - $100
¼ Load 80 to 210 cubic ft $170 - $250
½ Load 180 to 240 cubic ft $325 - $425
¾ Load 300 to 360 cubic ft $500 - $650
Full Load 420 to 500 cubic ft $650 - $750

Price Includes Labor Of 2 Techs And Your First 2 Hours Free And Disposal Fee And Environmental Fees Included

Junk Hauling

RI Junk Removal is the junk removal company to call in Bristol County, Rhode Island. With  more than a decade of experience, we provide a reliable service for your junk hauling needs. We pride on ourselves in taking a green approach to our work. We’re environmentally conscious, reusing, recycling, and donating up to 60% of the junk we collect.  Moreover, we recycle all the mattresses we remove.


Why Call the Professionals

So there’s a lot of clutter you would like to get rid of, so why hire professionals to do it for you? You might be wondering if you genuinely need a junk removal company. When there are many things you need to dispose of, we recommend you seek a professional company.

For starters, a junk removal company is very convenient. Sorting everything, loading it in a truck, andtransporting it takes too long. A professional and experienced company has done this several times, making the hauling quicker and more efficient.  Additionally, with our trucks, you won’t have to make several trips to get rid of everything. We have different sizes to fit all your junk comfortably.

Finally, you avoid getting injured by hauling large quantities of garbage. You could cut yourself, hurt your back, or trip. Since this is our job, you can rest assured we have the experience to do this safely and efficiently. 

Junk Removal Services We Provide

Mattress Removal: If your mattress is too old and damaged or you no longer use it, it’s time to haul it away. Our crew will arrive at your property to efficiently dispose of the mattress taking up space in your home. It’s also worth noting that we offer the most competitive junk removal prices in the New England area.

Storage Units Cleanup: If there’s a storage unit that has been collecting junk over the years, our team can sort the junk and haul it away.

Recycling: In order to reduce waste, it’s important to classify and sort things you’re throwing away. Some items can be reused, donated or recycled.

Price per Truck

*Pricing includes labor, disposal, and insurance charges


Isuzu Truck

$175 to $650 to fill this truck

waste management

Chevy Box Truck

$175 to $850 to fill this truck


Ford F550

$175 to $600 to fill this truck

Price per Truck

Mattress and box-spring

(pickup and disposal) – $75 each

Boat removal

$450 per ton including trailer

Paint cans

$0.75 to $2.75 each

Fence removal

$25 per section

Pricing for labor per men

$35 per hour per guy

Metal pickup

$50 minimum

TV removal

$10 to $250 depending on size and current installation

* Minimum required $80. Includes labor and disposal.
** Includes labor and disposal

We Serve


Property managers

Oversized entertainment centers


Business Owners

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